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Shenzuo _ Huangfuqi _ txt Novel Paradise
"Humph!"! The strength of you two is not good, but the ability to put labels on them is not bad! Go back while I'm still in a good mood! I don't always pull my punches. Lin Xi said, with a threatening look in his eyes. As disciples of the Dharma Protector, both of them are used to pretending to be tigers and foxes. Which one is not in awe of three points. Now by an unremarkable outside disciple, the violence expels, in the heart where is willing. However, think of Lin Xi that terror, can burn the flame of True Qi, is a sudden in the heart, extremely afraid, where there is a stay. OK! Lin Xi, you really ate the heart of a bear and the courage of a leopard! Wait, this thing will never end like this! Two people put down a cruel words, a vertical body, both fly up, a blink of an eye,smart board whiteboard, disappeared without a trace. Lin Xi looked at the direction of their disappearance, sneered, and ignored it. He closed the gate with his hands together. This time, that time. And now you want to ride on my head-how is that possible?! Lin Xi blinked and did not think about the two Dharma protectors, but still went back to his room to watch his Breath. Not to mention, Lin Xi tried to figure out "Breath" in the room as if nothing had happened. On the other side,4k smart board, two disciples of the Dharma Protector quickly returned to the Dharma Protector Hall. What Hearing the reply from the two disciples, the Dharma Protector looked furious and smashed a sacred wood tea table with a bang. It's so domineering that you can't see anything! The Dharma Protector looked livid, and his eyes shot out bursts of murder. What's the matter? Has this matter been settled? A cold voice sounded from the void. Just in front of the Dharma Protector Elder, a curtain of light flicked open. In the light curtain, an old man dressed in the clothes of the Dharma Protector Palace was watching the Dharmapala Elder through the light curtain. The old man was unsmiling and had a cold face. At first glance, he was almost seven points similar to the Dharma Elder. If other strong people of the Immortal Way Sect are here, they can certainly be recognized. The old man who appears in the light curtain is the Qingwei elder of the Dou Shuigong. In the Dou Shuigong, his position is still above the previous purity. He is also in charge of protecting the Dharma and leading the relationship with other sects. In the great world of Xiandao, the Dharma protectors and elders of the major sects are connected with each other by "sound stones". The purpose of this is to contact and coordinate the relationship between sects and disciples in a timely manner. In order to avoid major friction! "Brother Qingwei, please rest assured.". Dou Shuigong and Shenxiaozong are both immortal and decent. The two factions, separated only by a strip of water, are as close as lips and teeth. In any case, touch screen whiteboard ,digital interactive whiteboard, they cannot be mixed up by a piece of rat droppings! If the disciples of Shui De, Mu De and Huo De of your school were really killed by that little beast, then in any case, I will get to the bottom of this matter and give your school an explanation! The Dharma Elder cuts the iron and cuts the railway. Hum! Brother Zhongdao, I hope what you said is not perfunctory. This thing, but different from the last time, is not just as simple as grabbing a few Longdan. The Six Virtues Taoist is an elite disciple of our school. Now three of them are dead. They exist in name only. This is no small matter, it is impossible to let it go! That Lin Xi, if you Shenxiaozong can't deal with it, then we will have to deal with it ourselves! Elder Qingwei said coldly. Brother Qingwei, don't worry. If there is such evil scum in Shenxiao Zong, we don't need to take the lead in the palace, and Shenxiao Zong can't tolerate him. Be sure to make an example of others. Dou Shuigong and Shenxiaozong are both leaders of the right path and models of the world. We must not spoil the harmony because of this matter. After all, there are still relatively few such scum, which does not represent the attitude of our Shenxiaozong. Dharma Protector Elder Tao. Uh Elder Qingwei nodded with a slightly relaxed expression. "Brother Zhongdao, this is not the first time we have dealt with each other.". I hope you can handle this matter well. Hope to get a satisfactory answer as soon as possible! "Mmm." The Dharma Protector elder nodded solemnly, raised his big sleeve, and sent a stream of immortal gas into the Dharma array on the ground. The curtain of light disappeared immediately. Elder, what shall we do now? The two Dharma Protector disciples knelt on the ground and said carefully. They all heard what was said just now. Shall we go there again? One of the disciples said. "No need!" With a wave of his hand, the Dharma Protector's eyes shot out a deep chill: "I have my own dispute over this matter!" The Dharma Protector's eyes sparkled with a deep sense of stratagem. It is now late at night, and most of the disciples have had a rest. Now that he had made up his mind to dispose of Lin Xi, he naturally did not care to wait a little longer. Moreover, it is only meaningful to deal with Lin Xi in full view of the public during the day. Only in this way can he recover his loss at the peak of the ruling. Let him live a little longer. A thought passed through the mind of the Dharma Elder, and then silence returned. Xiao _ Shuo t-x-t _ Tian/Tang Chapter 171 seven princesses (for monthly tickets, for recommendation). Time is fleeting, and before you know it, it is dawn. Lin Xi's room was full of fog, and he could not distinguish anything. Knock, knock! There was a knock on the door. "Is Elder Martial Brother here?" Sniff! There was a sound of inhalation, and in an instant, the fog in the air showed a whirlpool, and then sank into the center, a bottomless pit of existence. Come on in! A breath, the fog of the room dissipated without a trace, Xi sat down and immediately appeared in the middle of the room, a bright pupil. Squeak! Wood pushed away, a disciple dressed in the clothes of Dan Ding Dian came in and bowed slightly: Elder Martial Brother,65 inch smart board, this is the Yiqi Pill and Buqi Pill that you swallow every day. Since you have not appeared for nearly a month, these elixirs have accumulated. It's all here. Please check it. The Dan Ding Hall that came in saw off the disciple of Dan. Oh Lin Xi's eyes flashed, and this remembered that he was already a formal disciple and could enjoy the benefits of Zongmen's elixir. It's just that he's been so busy doing sectarian tasks and meritorious deeds recently that he hasn't received them seriously several times. Thanks a lot. Please put the elixir on the table for me. Lin Xidao. All right The disciple who sent Dan to the Dan Tripod Hall said that he respectfully put the small white porcelain bottle in the tray on the table. hsdsmartboard.com

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